Shipping and Handling

Shipping and Handling Costs for AAC&U Publications

AAC&U publications are shipped via UPS ground for domestic shipments , and via USPS Express or DHL for international shipments. The shipping rate reflected during the order process is based on the weight of the package and the UPS zone-or the country-to which it is being shipped.

If you require a different method of delivery or would like to expedite the process, please contact AAC&U at (202) 387-3760 or e-mail

AAC&U no longer accepts Purchase Orders

We ask for pre-payment of publication orders by either check or credit card. For your convenience, you can order from our online publications catalog.

If you need assistance in placing this order or need a publications quote/pro forma invoice, please contact us at (202) 387-3760. Thank you.

Discounts on Orders of Multiple Copies of the Same Publication

Quantity Ordered



single copy price applies


20% off


30% off


50% off

Additional Discounts for Purchases of Large Quantities

AAC&U is pleased to make it even easier to distribute two of our publications to students and others: What Will I Learn in College? and Why Do I Have to Take This Course? The additional discounts*, which are automatically applied in the Shopping Cart, are:

  • 501–1,000 copies:       60% off
  • 1,001–3,000 copies:    65% off
  • 3,001 or more copies:  70% off

*All discounts are a percentage off the original price of a single copy of the publication.

AAC&U can also reduce shipping charges for large quantities. Please contact us at 202-387-3760 for more information on reduced shipping costs for these two publications.

New Discount for AAC&U Campus Representatives and Associates

Effective March 15, 2010, AAC&U Campus Representatives and Associates can receive a 20% discount on purchases of 1 to 10 copies of a single publication. A 20% discount is regularly available to everyone when purchasing 11-20 copies of a single publication, but this discount is now extended to Campus Representatives and Associates for purchases of 1 to 10 copies of a publication, as well.

Please note that this discount is available for online purchases only. Campus Reps and Associates must log on to AAC&U's Shopping Cart, and the discount is automatically applied upon check out.

If you are unsure if you are an AAC&U Campus Representative or Campus Associate, you can visit AAC&U's member list ( and click on that institution's roster.

Claims Policy

AAC&U makes every effort to ensure that our pubications and periodicals reach our audience promptly. Please contact us if you do not receive an item you have ordered. Our policy is to replace missing items, provided they are claimed within certain time limits specified below.

Claims for undelivered periodicals will be honored six months from the date of publication, and claims for undelivered books will be honored six months from the order date.

AAC&U fulfills claims within two weeks of their receipt from subscription agencies or individuals. If you have submitted a claim with an agency but have not yet received the item from AAC&U, we ask you to do the following before placing a second (or third) claim: 1) check with the agency to determine when they sent the claim to AAC&U; and/or 2) contact AAC&U for the tracking number for the previously claimed publication. All items shipped from AAC&U are tracked and information on the item's receipt can be easily confirmed. AAC&U reserves the right to deny repeat claims when confirmation of receipt at the correct address is available.

AAC&U is not responsible for items missing because of failure to report a change of address or because a copy is lost or missing from your files. Once the six-month claims period has passed, you may purchase copies online at

Returns Policy

Printed Publications

AAC&U will provide a full refund, less the shipping and handling costs, for publications returned within 30 days. Refunds will be issued in the same format used for the purchase (i.e., check or credit card) and should be received within four weeks (or less) of your return ship date. AAC&U will notify you via e-mail of your refund once we've received and processed the returned item. Please follow these instructions to receive to return a purchase:

  1. Make sure the item is in resalable condition (i.e., no marks, tears, or other damage).

  2. Enclose a copy of your invoice.

  3. Ship the package to:

    Publications Return
    1818 R Street NW
    Washington, DC 20009


AAC&U is not able to issue refunds for eBooks once they have been purchased.

Returns from booksellers only

  1. Returns from booksellers must be received by AAC&U within 90 days of the original invoice date. Items received 90 days to six months will receive a 50% refund. After six months, no refunds will be issued.

  2. Refunds to booksellers will not be issued for books returned in damaged or used condition.

Returns Questions

If you have questions, please call AAC&U Publications at 800-297-3775 or e-mail us at

AAC&U Permissions Policies

AAC&U charges permissions fees for reproducing many, but not all, of its publications. Fees are calculated at $.05 per page per copy for small requests; flat fees are available for larger requests. Electronic reproduction of AAC&U publications generally is prohibited.

Obtaining Permission

Requests for permission to reproduce an article from an AAC&U periodical in a course-pack or book, or for any use outside of a member campus, should be directed to Copyright Clearance Center.

Requests for permission to reproduce text from an AAC&U periodical for noncommercial, internal use at a member campus should be directed to Wilson Peden ( or 202-387-3760 ext. 420).

Requests for permission to reproduce text from a non-periodical AAC&U publication for any purpose should also be directed to Wilson Peden.

Note that AAC&U never grants permission to use works for which authors have retained copyright (when this is the case, it is usually noted at the beginning or end of the work). In such instances, requesters should obtain permission directly from the authors.

Policy Details

Books and other non-periodical publications: Individuals at AAC&U member institutions sometimes are permitted to make a limited number of free copies of excerpts from AAC&U publications for internal campus use. Internal campus use is defined as use by faculty and administrators for the purpose of institutional change (faculty development, administrative planning, etc.); this does not cover course materials. The standard $.05 per page per copy fee applies to all other member uses and to all nonmember uses. Flat fees (see below under Liberal Education) may be assessed for large requests to reproduce excerpted material. AAC&U generally does not grant permission to copy entire publications that are currently for sale. Bulk discount rates are available for those interested in purchasing more than ten copies of a publication.

The following credit line must appear on the first page of every copy: "Reprinted [or Excerpted] with permission from Ordering Information. Copyright [Year] by the Association of American Colleges and Universities."

Liberal Education: Individuals at AAC&U member institutions are permitted to make copies of individual articles from Liberal Education free of charge for internal campus use. The standard $.05 per page per copy fee applies to most other requests. Flat fees are assessed for large requests according to the following table. Note that these fees are assessed per article, not per request.

fee at standard rate


flat fee










The following credit line must appear on the first page of every copy: "Reprinted [or Excerpted] with permission from Liberal Education, [vol. #, no. #]. Copyright [Year] by the Association of American Colleges and Universities." Note that authors, not AAC&U, hold copyright for all content printed in Liberal Education prior to the Fall 1994 issue.

Professional offprints of articles published in Liberal Education are also available. Pricing is based on the quantity of offprints requested (with a minimum order of fifty). For a quote, contact Michele Stinson at or 1-800-297-3775.

Other periodicals: Copies of articles from AAC&U's other periodicals—Peer Review, Diversity & Democracy, On Campus With Women, AAC&U News—may be made free of charge in most cases. Fees are charged, however, for commercial uses in books.

The following credit line must appear on the first page of every copy: "Reprinted [or Excerpted] with permission from [Periodical Title], [vol. #, no. #]. Copyright [Year] by the Association of American Colleges and Universities."