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The Quality of a College Degree: Toward New Frameworks, Evidence, and Interventions

This report examines the larger policy environment and how it is and isn't aligned with current efforts to focus on assessment of key student learning outcomes, especially in the context of transfer. It builds on lessons learned in AAC&U's DQP Quality Collaboratives project. Authors provide recommendations for framing policy debates about more efficient and effective transfer from two-year to four-year institutions that account for students' achievement of key learning outcomes articulated in the Degree Qualifications Profile. The publication also provides a framework for better aligning state and campus policies with a twenty-first-century vision of quality learning and with current patterns of student attendance. Ideal for campus discussions about improving transfer student success and collecting better data on student achievement, the publication also includes case studies from two-year/four-year Quality Collaboratives campus partners.
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Debra Humphreys, Heather McCambly, and Judith Ramaley
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October 07, 2015
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